Our goal at Black Dress Consultants is to ensure that every need you have is met throughout the after-loss and legacy planning process. If you’re looking for trusted organizations to help you with legal, financial, and memorial planning, we recommend the following!

Resources We Trust to Be There for You

There are more important ways to spend your time than trying to find resources that can help you in your time of need. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the organizations we trust — so you don’t have to.

Below are companies and resources we’ve vetted who are ready to help with donations, support, coping, security, and preserving loving memories. 

Physical Body and Brain Donation Options

Emory School of Medicine Body Donor Program
University of Miami Brain Bank

Digital Estate Organization and Password Managers


Estate Sale, Auction Houses, Senior Move Managers and Downsizing Companies

Done and Done
Hindman Auctions
Long World Services
Peace of Mind Transitions

Funeral Resources and Memorial Service Planning

Oaktree Memorials (Modern Urns & Cremation Jewelry)
SpeechForm (Eulogy Generator)

Grief Support, Gifts and Resources

A Box of Comfort
Change Navigators
Filled With Gold
Grief Coach (Use code blackdress for $20 off)
How Can I Love You Better (Tool to help others in grief)
Instead of Flowers (15% off with code: blackdress)

Legacy Planning and Memory Preservation

Legacy Recorder
Love Not Lost (Photo sessions for families facing terminal illness)
Storied Legacy

Organizing Future Wishes

Legacy Concierge

Senior Resources

CircleOf (Caregiving App)
Aloe Care Essentials (Upgraded caregiving hub)
GetSetUp (Tech classes for seniors)
GoGo Grandparent (Helps people order rides with just a phone call)
Sound Mind (Voice-activated phone hub)
Stack Care (Infra-red motion detection and data science sends alerts when something's wrong)

Talking About Death with Friends and Family

Coda Alliance (GoWish)
The Conversation Project
The Death Deck
Death Over Dinner
Doulagivers (Free End of Life training program for caregivers)

Resources for Unfurnishing and Disposing of Loved One’s Belongings

Eternity Gardens (Can help find a place for your loved one’s remains)
Earth 911 (Recycle batteries, paint, etc.)
Freecycle Network (Help you give away belongings)
Let Go (Another resource to give away or sell belongings)
MedShare (Accept donations of unused medical supplies)
Tuck Sleep (Show you how you can recycle a mattress)

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